Lisa was instrumental in helping create peace in our family! My husband and I met with Lisa to see if she could help us understand the issues we were having with our combative 8yr. old daughter, including some pretty intense sibling discord. After a few months of meeting with Lisa, we walked away with a better understanding of what was causing the turmoil at home and how to manage it. We learned that our daughter was a very sensitive child and the parenting style my husband and I grew up with did not work with her. In fact, it made it worse. After implementing the changes Lisa outlined for us in a two page action plan, our home became a happy and calm place. After 2 years, we are still going strong. If things slip a bit, I love that I can still refer to her action plan and it's still relevant today!

Lisa has had such an amazing positive impact on both my children and our family life. She was easy for my kids to trust and was able to draw out (literally and figuratively) the concerns, anxieties, life changes that were effecting them as my husband and I were separating. She made everything seem manageable while always validating their feelings and safety. I've referred several people to Lisa and all have had very positive experiences as well. Thank you Lisa!

Lisa is a wonderful therapist. She has counseled my son and I through some tough behavioral issues; helped me navigate through the beginning stage of a marriage/blended family; and has been a wonderful support system. She is sensitive but also direct. And many times, I found myself in therapy having a little laugh with her as well... which can be really nice when dealing with heavy feelings and issues. I know I can check back in with her if we are going through a tough time. She has been a real breakthrough for me and my family and for this I am very grateful. I highly recommend Lisa as a therapist.

We came to Lisa with some serious concerns after we discovered that our elementary-aged son had been exposed to inappropriate content on the internet. Lisa was able to provide him with age-appropriate counseling using language and concepts that he could readily grasp. She also gave us impactful literature and at-home advice to address things on our own after our meetings. It's not something that parents ever want to face. It was such a relief to have a guide in the process. We are so happy to have met Lisa.

I brought my son to see Lisa when he was nine years old, after he was diagnosed with social anxiety. At the time, I was homeschooling him because he was too anxious to go to school. He had regular breakdowns and every day was a challenge for both of us. Lisa's soothing, kind manner and endless patience were a gift to our family. She helped us develop a language to talk about anxiety and gave us tools to manage it daily. Without Lisa's steady can calm presence in our lives we would not have been able to overcome these issues. My son is now 15, and attending school regularly. The routines and tools that he learned with Lisa still serve him well today. As a parent, the scariest thing you can encounter is a problem with your child that you don't know how to solve. Lisa was a wonderful guide... teaching me how to read the signs my son was giving me; helping me see what I could not; and helping me learn a new kind of patience. I am so grateful for Lisa's presence in our lives. She helped me transform my family into a happy, healthy unit that works together to face our daily challenges. We are stronger having had her in our lives.

Lisa was pivotal in diagnosing and treating our son's anxiety. Not only was she gentle and warm, but also very practical and insightful in coming up with solutions to manage his symptoms. She ushered him through childhood and then recommended a wonderful therapist to take over once he entered his teenage years. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Lisa and we're very happy with our son's outcome. We highly recommend Lisa Spivack!

Lisa was instrumental in helping my daughter and I cope with the challenges presented by social media, divorce, and peer pressure. Divorce fractured my family and created acrimony that was detrimental to my children and us as parents. Lisa provided a safe environment for my daughter while giving me workable parenting strategies. I did not always agree at first with the coaching that she gave me, as it was very different from how I grew up. However, once I overcame my resistance, her recommendations helped create a more positive parenting paradigm. Lisa was particularly helpful during my daughter's younger years (from 9-13). She also helped me and my ex-wife become better parents and was always impartial. There are times when I just didn't know what to do when my child was struggling. I learned that that's when I needed to obtain stability... similar to the airline saying, 'in the case of an emergency, place the oxygen mask on your face first before assisting others.' Finally, as my child moved into her teenage years, Lisa helped transition us to professionals better suited to her new needs.

Lisa has been a vital resource for our family. She has an easy way about her that, from the start, makes everyone feel comfortable, listened to, and understood. Our daughter has developed a profound trust in her and she has helped our daughter build an indispensable set of tools with which to navigate her social/emotional world. Lisa has the gift of both being able to help a child self-advocate, and pushing the same child to grow and develop self-reflection and self-awareness. It is not an easy balance to strike with children whose egos are still developing. We feel like it takes a village to raise a child, and Lisa's support has been invaluable on this journey!